Gil Burciaga

Gil BurciagaMr. Burciaga serves as a representative of the board and is responsible for the senior management and oversight of US Infrastructure, LP with more than 30 years experience in the energy business.

Mr. Burciaga was a founding member of DYNEGY, Inc. (formerly Natural Gas Clearinghouse).

Mr. Burciaga served as one of six Senior Vice-Presidents involved in the startup (1984) and growth of this Fortune 500 trading company.

Mr. Burciaga was part of a four man executive group that took the company public. During the years 1986–1991, DYNEGY, Inc. was one of the fastest growing companies in the United States.

From 1992–1997, Mr. Burciaga was President of NGC Energy Resources. This start-up division focused on the acquisition and operation of downstream natural gas assets which included gathering systems, processing plants and natural gas liquids fractionation plants with total investment exceeding $900 million.

From 1985–1992, Mr. Burciaga was Senior Vice-President of Natural Gas Supply/Trading. Since 1997, Mr. Burciaga has participated in the startup of two venture capital LPs, an oil & gas risk management company and an energy investment partnership.

Mr. Burciaga is a co-founder of Asset Risk Management, a commodity advisory firm that provides exploration and production companies with innovative solutions to reduce their exposure to energy market risk, manage and optimize their physical assets and financial management of derivative hedge portfolios.

Mr. Burciaga also was a seed investor in Zavanna, LLC, a petroleum exploration company founded in 1994, which uses a proprietary computer-based technology for oil and gas exploration.

Mr. Burciaga holds a BS degree in Engineering from Texas A&M University.