Portfolio Companies



CSIdentity - the technology leader in providing identity theft protection and fraud detection services to consumers, businesses and the governments that serve them through a comprehensive suite of personal and enterprise security solutions. CSIdentity assists organizations in reducing liability, generating revenue and maintaining compliance with federal and state legislation. CSIdentity's theft detection tools are trusted by departments of the U.S. government, Fortune 500 companies and leading banks and credit unions.  

Web site:  www.csidentity.com



DadLabs - an award-winning, online media publisher, producing a network of weekly video shows, all on the subject of modern fatherhood. Through an extensive syndication program, DadLabs reaches dads across a variety of platforms, from video sharing sites like YouTube, to mobile devices, to iTunes, and through the site and community at DadLabs.com.

We capture the growing and underserved niche of co-parenting dads through professionally produced but decidedly authentic and funny video segments. Using all of the functionality of web 2.0, we offer a variety of advertising and consumer products that effectively reaches the lucrative demographic of consumers in the ITP/Juvenile and Men’s Lifestyle marketplace. Current and past sponsorship and advertising partners include some of the most recognizable brands in the parenting space: Baby Bjorn, Graco, OxiClean, One Step Ahead, Boon, and many more.

Web site: www.dadlabs.com



Digby - a leading mobile commerce platform provider for retailers of all sizes.  The company’s software-as-a-service platform enables the creation of mobile optimized portals for retailers.  Designed for the unique needs and challenges of mobility, specifically of physical goods, the platform delivers a transformative user experience, leveraging device capabilities whenever possible.  With support for over 300 device interfaces across all mobile enabled devices, the platform includes an on device portal interface for Smartphone platforms.

This combination of device reach as well as enhanced functionality enables retailers to  to drive new revenue streams from the mobile channel, the "4th leg" of a multi-channel distribution strategy, along with catalogs, physical storefronts and the web.  The platform has also been used to create "Digby", a virtual mobile marketplace that enables Smartphone users to conveniently purchase a broad array of popular products directly from their devices.

Web site: www.digby.com


DIYSEO is a Web-based solution for small businesses to get search engine traffic at a fraction of the cost. DIYSEO makes the complex world of search engine optimization (SEO) simpler and more attainable than ever. The DIYSEO application guides small businesses through easy, bite-sized SEO tasks by providing tutorials, expert guidance and the latest Web technologies in order to get traffic from all the major search engines.

Web site:  www.DIYSEO.com



Edioma, Inc. develops mobile marketing solutions enabling major brands to target difficult-to-reach demographics, e.g., first-generation US Hispanics. edioma's flagship product is a mobile language learning platform designed to facilitate communication between companies and their employees, while garnering key demographic data related to the wireless subscriber profile.

Web site:  www.edioma.com



Energetic Solutions, the manufacturer of shoo!TAG™ and shoo!BUG™, a chemical-free way to protect people, dogs, cats, cows and horses against pests.

Energetic Solutions is a technology company that combines cutting-edge science and technology to produce a 'green' product that emits healthy electromagnetic frequencies to keep targeted insects away, eliminating the need to use toxic chemicals on you and your animals.

We represent a paradigm shift in the insect management industry by using Nature's energetic principles in combination with physics and advanced computer software technology.

The key to our products is the three dimensional electromagnetic field embedded in the magnetic strip. Energetic Solutions is leading the way in the insect repellent industry while being a safe choice for pets,

Web site:  www.energeticsolutionscorp.com



FanTrail, a groundbreaking, FREE mobile platform for iPhone and Android. The innovative platform connects celebrities such as musical artists, movie stars, athletes, and politicians to fans in ways that have never been possible before, and pays the celebrity when their fans use each app. FanTrail is the first platform to offer the celebrity’s actual voice, a reward system for fans, and a direct relationship with the celebrity. Joel Rasmussen, Co-founder and CEO of FanTrail notes, "Artists and fans naturally want to connect, and this platform allows them to do so in a way that is more immediate, direct, and personal than ever before." Joshua McClure, Co-founder and CTO, notes "What's exciting about the platform is that it allows an artist to use their voice, their most powerful instrument, as their primary tool for reaching their fans."

FanTrail's patent pending technology, including LoveMail and the LoveMeter, give celebrities a powerful new set of tools for reaching, engaging, and entertaining their fans. Employing elements of popular games, the platform keeps fans coming back again and again. Celebrities can post news and events, update all of their social media at once, send voice messages directly to fans, and even reward their most devoted fans with shout-outs, meet and greets, private messages, or anything the celebrity can dream up.

Web site: www.fantrail.com



FGA Media Inc. - a holding company for the intellectual property, The Fairy Godmother Academy. The Fairy Godmother Academy is an entertainment media brand for preteen girls, ages 7-12 years, created by entertainment industry veterans who have produced award-winning media brands for Mattel Media, Disney, LucasArts and others.

Web site: www.FairyGodmotherAcademy.com



fisoc's products let Banks and Credit unions target Gen Y consumers through social engagement. fisoc allows financial institutions to attract, increase transactions, improve account balances, and increase loan demand from Gen Y customers. Consumers receive benefit from social interaction around their financial services.

Web site:  www.fisoc.com


KLD Energy

Austin, Texas-based KLD’s mission is to develop innovative, sustainable technologies. The company, focused on research, development and the commercialization of advanced technologies, has received acclaim and worldwide interest in its first product, a complete motor system that redefines the performance of electric propulsion and generation systems and has applications in dozens of industries. The motor system is designed for high-frequency and low-RPM operations, offering revolutionary system efficiency. KLD Energy is dedicated to bringing clean technologies to a global marketplace.

Web site: www.KLDEnergy.com


Launched in June of 2009, Pawngo is the first full-service online pawn shop in the United States and is venture-backed by Daylight Partners, Access Venture Partners and Lightbank, the $100 million fund started by the founders of Groupon. Pawngo is co-headquartered in Denver, where its secured fulfillment center is based, and Chicago at the offices of Lightbank. Prior to the Series B closing, led by Lightbank, Pawngo operated under the brand names Internet Pawn and Boomerang Lending. Pawngo is a licensed pawnbroker and complies fully with state-mandated pawnbroker statutes. To date, Pawngo has loaned more than $1.35 million in 46 states. Pawngo’s mission is to get you cash when you need it without any hassle and without the risk of going into debt. Rocky Mountain sits on the Pawngo Board for Daylight Partners.

Web site: www.pawngo.com


planet HS

PlanetHS is a multi-faceted platform that creates on-line communities for high schools.  These communities are oriented around the classes and extracurricular activities that are central to the lives of high school students. PlanetHS is used by teachers to better communicate with students and their parents concerning school-based activities using modern media in a school-wide community which is built upon the platforms that are most in tune with the preferences of today’s high school student – social networks and mobile devices. Each school’s on-line community is custom created within planetHS and is always under the total control of school authorized representatives. 

The planetHS program is built around a set of scheduling and media tools designed to assist teachers through responsibility delegation to students whereby leadership skills are taught under the school’s control.  The planetHS environment is designed to attract students and parents by featuring content created by the students (while always subject to school approval), together with calendar features that provide timely information, and frequent communication, regarding every activity scheduled by the classes, clubs and teams on planetHS. 

The program’s free tools have been developed to achieve these objectives while providing resources to the school that are otherwise economically unobtainable. The planetHS community is supported by businesses that are well known to the students, parents and teachers. 

Web site: www.planeths.com



SmarteSoft - develops and sells test automation technologies that enable software developers to simplify both regression and performance testing, reducing cost and time to market while increasing software quality and staffing flexibility. SmarteSoft’s products also enable non-technical users to develop highly robust, automated, keyword-driven regression and performance test suites from scratch, with all the power and flexibility of scripting tools but none of the complexity.

Web site: www.smartesoft.com



Uplogix - provides the first fully-integrated remote management solution. Our co-located management appliances automate routine administration, maintenance and recovery tasks—securely and regardless of network availability. In comparison, traditional network and systems management requires multiple tools, relies on the network, and remains labor intensive. As a result, Uplogix puts the power of your most trusted IT administrator everywhere, all the time. Uplogix is privately held and headquartered in Austin, Texas with European offices in London.

Web site: www.uplogix.com



YMAX  Communications Corporation - a modern phone company with the largest competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) network in the United States and an incredible product, the magicJack.  A winner of PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award, the magicJack is the best home voice-over-IP product on the market.

Web site:  www.magicjack.com