PlanetHSPlanetHS is a multi-faceted platform that creates on-line communities for high schools.  These communities are oriented around the classes and extracurricular activities that are central to the lives of high school students. PlanetHS is used by teachers to better communicate with students and their parents concerning school-based activities using modern media in a school-wide community which is built upon the platforms that are most in tune with the preferences of today’s high school student – social networks and mobile devices. Each school’s on-line community is custom created within planetHS and is always under the total control of school authorized representatives.

The planetHS program is built around a set of scheduling and media tools designed to assist teachers through responsibility delegation to students whereby leadership skills are taught under the school’s control.  The planetHS environment is designed to attract students and parents by featuring content created by the students (while always subject to school approval), together with calendar features that provide timely information, and frequent communication, regarding every activity scheduled by the classes, clubs and teams on planetHS.

The program’s free tools have been developed to achieve these objectives while providing resources to the school that are otherwise economically unobtainable. The planetHS community is supported by businesses that are well known to the students, parents and teachers.

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