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FanTrail, a groundbreaking, FREE mobile platform for iPhone and Android. The innovative platform connects celebrities such as musical artists, movie stars, athletes, and politicians to fans in ways that have never been possible before, and pays the celebrity when their fans use each app. FanTrail is the first platform to offer the celebrity’s actual voice, a reward system for fans, and a direct relationship with the celebrity. Joel Rasmussen, Co-founder and CEO of FanTrail notes, "Artists and fans naturally want to connect, and this platform allows them to do so in a way that is more immediate, direct, and personal than ever before." Joshua McClure, Co-founder and CTO, notes "What's exciting about the platform is that it allows an artist to use their voice, their most powerful instrument, as their primary tool for reaching their fans."

FanTrail's patent pending technology, including LoveMail and the LoveMeter, give celebrities a powerful new set of tools for reaching, engaging, and entertaining their fans. Employing elements of popular games, the platform keeps fans coming back again and again. Celebrities can post news and events, update all of their social media at once, send voice messages directly to fans, and even reward their most devoted fans with shout-outs, meet and greets, private messages, or anything the celebrity can dream up.

Web site: www.fantrail.com